Leaf Saver™ Ant Bait

Trust Leaf Saver™ Ant Bait to provide quick and effective control of Texas Leaf Cutter Ants. Formulated with the active ingredient hydramethylnon, Leaf Saver™ Ant Bait can be applied directly to individual mounds containing Texas Leaf Cutter Ants or as a broadcast application. Texas Leaf Cutter Ants are highly attracted to Leaf Saver™ Ant Bait due to its specifically designed granule size and bait matrix. Foraging ants take the bait back to feed to the rest of the colony, including the queen(s). When the queen(s) is/are dead, no new worker ants can be produced, destroying the mound.

This easy-to-use solution provides up to three months of control, protecting foliage and seedlings.

  • For use on: forestry operations, commercial nurseries, landscaped areas, soil around citrus (non-bearing) crops, parks, rangeland, golf courses, pastures, commercial grounds, school grounds
  • Highly attractive
  • Ready-to-use formulation in a specifically sized pelletized granular bait
  • Non-restricted use
  • Low use rate
  • Fewer ants within one week of treatment
  • Available in 10-lb. container
  • Provides up to three months of ant control