Almond Orchard

Controlling Fire Ants in Almond Orchards

As the hulls split open in preparation for shaking, drying and harvesting, growers should keep the threat of fire ants in mind.

Protein-feeding ants have the ability to quickly damage exposed almonds. The goal here is to be proactive and prevent fire ants. Fire ants pose a particular threat to nuts that have been shaken or have fallen onto the ground. They become more and more susceptible to ant damage the longer they’ve been on the ground, due to ants hollowing out and devouring the inside nutmeat.

According to The University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, the pavement and southern fire ant species are most threatening to grounded almonds, and the southern fire ant is capable of causing the most damage.

The Ideal Almond Orchard Treatment Solution

Central Life Sciences has the solution you’re looking for to control problem fire ant colonies in almond orchards with effective, economical control. Extinguish® Professional Fire Ant Bait is designed to stop young colonies from developing into problem colonies.

This versatile solution:

  • Contains the active ingredient, (S)-methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which affects a fire ant queen's reproductive ability.
  • Stops young colonies from developing into problem colonies in almond orchards.
  • Controls and eliminates colonies — no mound movement.
  • Should be applied at 1-1.5 lb. per acre.
  • Available in 25 lb. bags
  • No aquatic setback
  • Can be used up to water’s edge

For more information on Extinguish® Professional Fire Ant Bait, visit our product page.