fire ant cluster

Fire Ant Control for Commercial Operations

The dangers fire ants can pose to commercial operations present numerous issues relating to production and operational efficiency, which in turn affects your bottom line.

Control fire ants before you see them! Fire ant colonies can thrive beneath the surface of the soil. We recommend Extinguish® Plus for commercial operations fire ant control, an effective, economical solution to fire ant threats.

Extinguish® Plus on Turf

Designed to offer both short-term and long-term relief from fire ants on commercial operations, Extinguish® Plus combines the killing power of the adulticide, Hydramethylnon, and the long-lasting control of the insect growth regulator (IGR), (S)-methoprene.

Because it is highly attractive to fire ants, Extinguish® Plus helps stop young colonies from developing and destroys both visible and hidden colonies with its two-way punch. It can be used as a broadcast application(ground and aerial) or used to treat individual mounds. Extinguish® Plus also meets all USDA quarantine requirements.

Applying Extinguish® Plus

It’s best to apply Extinguish® Plus when ants are active and foraging, which usually happens when soil temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • To determine when ants are foraging, place a crumbled potato chip near the mound. If ants do not feed in a few minutes, try the potato-chip test later and apply product when feeding occurs.
  • Apply 2–3 times per year or any time fire ants are spotted.
  • Do not apply product within 6 hours of a rain event. Apply product when area is dry from dew or irrigation.
  • Do not irrigate for 24 hours after application. The bait will become unattractive to ants if it becomes wet.

In order to effectively treat fire ants on commercial turf, you need a product that was designed with fire ant behavior and biology in mind. Extinguish® Plus is also labeled for imported and native fire ants and other ants such as harvester ants, big-headed ants and Argentine ants – the clear solution to ant control on your turf.

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