Fire Ant Control Webinar – Watch & Learn!

Fire ants are notorious for spreading, for damaging property and equipment, and for endangering people and livestock. The problems they cause only intensify if they are left untreated – so what’s the answer?

The Central Life Sciences team discussed how to identify red imported fire ants and provided vital information on fire ant product solutions from Central Life Sciences, with emphasis on Extinguish® Plus fire ant bait in a webinar that you can view now.

Extinguish® Plus fire ant bait gives non-bearing trees a fighting chance against fire ants. It combines the killing speed of an adulticide (upon ingestion) and the long-lasting control of an insect growth regulator (IGR). With its two-way action, fire ant colony reduction begins in about a week and colony elimination may be seen within 2 weeks.

A few more tips on applying Extinguish® Plus fire ant bait:

  • Broadcast – 1.5 pounds of product per acre
  • Available in 1.5 lb., 4.5 lb. and 25 lb. containers
  • Apply as needed, when ants are active and foraging, and soil temperatures are above 60°F.

During the webinar, the Central Life Sciences team outlined all of this and more, touching on the features that make Extinguish® Plus fire ant bait such an ideal fire ant control solution and how it helps eliminate the threat of adult fire ants.

Visit the link below to experience this firsthand knowledge for yourself!

Watch the Webinar