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Keeping Fire Ants Off Texas Land

Even though fire ants are a common problem throughout the state of Texas, an infestation on your land is more than just an annoyance – fire ants are a danger to employees and can cause significant damage to crops, equipment, livestock and infrastructure.

To protect operations in Texas against fire ants, it's essential to treat proactively with proven products like Extinguish® Plus. Check out a few essential reasons why you should learn more about incorporating Extinguish® Plus into your operation’s fire ant protocol.

  1. Proven Efficacy
    Extinguish® Plus, which contains an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR), packs the one-two punch that helps you cut off nuisance fire ant populations at the source. It combines the killing action of an adulticide and the long-lasting control of an IGR. The adulticide starts killing worker fire ants immediately after ingestion, while the IGR prevents the queens from laying fertile eggs. This proven solution destroys both visible and hidden fire ant colonies.
  2. Approved for Use Across Wide Spectrum of Locations
    Extinguish® Plus was specifically designed to control fire ants in a range of environments:
    • It can be applied around saplings and non-bearing trees.
    • It is approved for use on residential turf and landscapes, and commercial nurseries.
    • It is approved for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • It is approved for use where cattle and horses graze.
    • Extinguish® Plus is also USDA Quarantine Approved.
  3. Long-Lasting Protection
    One of the active ingredients in Extinguish® Plus is the IGR (S)-methoprene, which impacts the queen ant’s reproductive ability. As worker ants die off from exposure to the adulticide, Hydramethylnon, a new generation can’t replace them because of the IGR, resulting in long-lasting fire ant control. With no worker ants to provide food, the queen eventually starves to death and the entire colony is eradicated.

Visit the applications page for more information about how Extinguish® Plus can put out fire ant infestations on your operation.