Fire ants entering ant mound

Fire Ant Bait with Two-way Control

Extinguish® Plus: the Fire Ant Bait with Two-way Control

The best way to control fire ants on a large-scale operation with dollars and cents at stake is implementing a long-term control program utilizing proven product solutions like Extinguish® Plus.

In addition to being highly attractive to fire ants, Extinguish® Plus combines the knockdown of an adulticide (Hydramethylnon) and the long-lasting control of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) (S)-methoprene. The IGR sterilizes the queen and prevents rebound, while the adulticide kills problem worker ants. The result is a one-two punch for fire ants, quick reduction of mounds and the confidence that the two-way action helps ensure control of fire ants.

The Benefits of Treating with Extinguish® Plus

  • Prevent the rebound: Extinguish® Plus controls and helps eliminate colonies without colony relocation.
  • Control the ants you don't see: The problem fire ants pose is often below the surface. Extinguish® Plus stops young colonies from developing into problem colonies, destroying both visible AND hidden colonies.
  • The IGR in Extinguish® Plus sterilizes the queen: Fire ants reproduce quickly and easily.The best way to effectively eliminate fire ants is to take down the queen. Without the queen, the colony can't reproduce and will eventually die out.

Choose the Clear Solution

In order to effectively treat fire ants, professionals need a product that was designed with fire ant behavior and biology in mind. Extinguish® Plus is also labeled for imported and native fire ants and other ants such as harvester ants, big-headed ants and Argentine ants – the clear solution to ant control on your operation.

Extinguish® Plus can start eliminating fire ants in just one week. The dual-action product is approved for indoor and outdoor use for residential and commercial properties, container or nursery stock, sod farms, rangeland, pastures, commercial turf and more.

Apply Extinguish® Plus with confidence around saplings and non-fruit bearing trees, where cattle and horses graze, with no worries about withdrawal periods. It can be applied with a low-volume broadcast spreader by ground or air. Apply when area is dry from dew or irrigation, no rain within 6 hours and when ants are foraging.

You need targeted fire ant control. To learn more about our comprehensive line of fire ant management solutions, visit our product page at Extinguish® Plus or contact your distributor.